Accreditation from Airbus

Excellent customer-supplier relationship

Since 2012, Assystem is listed as A-supplier for product engineering by the Airbus Group in the E2S-list (Engineering Services Supplier). The E2S-referencing considers system as well as software and structure development expertise.

Furthermore, since 2014 Assystem is referenced as preferential partner for process engineering (list ME3S, Manufacturing Engineering Services Strategic Supplier). The ME3S-list (Manufacturing Engineering Services Strategic Supplier) focuses on the establishment of strategic service partnerships. Assystem could especially impress on the development of manufacturing methods, the method preparation, the calculation and optimization of production times as well as the NC-programming. These activities account for approximately 70 percent of Airbus subcontracted engineering services. Thereby, Assystem counts to the three leading service providers of the group for process engineering.

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