Cabin Interior

Assystem is a renowned engineering partner of numerous OEMs, MROs and aircraft operators and offers the complete product, from industrial design and specification, construction and calculation to documentation and approval. We provide our customer with comprehensive support for the interior, due to our sound expert knowledge in complex modification projects in series and VIP programmes, as well as our sound understanding of the development and approval processes, taking into account all legal restrictions.

The industrial services division supports the development division, so that experience from production and repair/maintenance can be transferred to new developments.

Customising & upgrade services competence portfolio

This division includes new developments, preparation for serial maturity (achieving serial maturity) and the adaptation of components and assemblies.

  • Compilation of specifications
  • Pre-design
  • Compilation of approval documents
  • Production and conversion support
  • Building space investigation, DMY (digital 3D model) check
  • Design, building document and parts list compilation
  • Documentation Spare parts lists and operating instructions

Supplementary industrial services

  • Non-conformity management: Modification and solution for building deviations
  • Inspections: First article inspection
  • In and output inspection

VIP completion competence portfolio

The portfolio includes the modification and retrofitting of cabin interior and related systems for VIP, business and passenger aircraft. Assystem is a strategic supplier of Airbus in the conversion sector, where it is involved in the compilation of specifications as well as in documentation and the compilation of construction documentation. These activities include investigation and modification in the cabin interior, systems, electrical and structural fields. The design is performed in 3D as well as in 2D.

  • Coordination, specification and development of cabin configurations and components
  • Design, building documents and parts list compilation in the cabin interior, systems (air distribution, water, galley cooling), secondary structure and electrical fields
  • Documentation: Spare parts list and operating instructions

Supplementary services up to approval

  • Conversion support and installation assistance on site
  • Non-conformity management: Modification and solutions for building deviations
  • Documentation and certification

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