Certification & approval

Assystem supports customers in the qualification and documentation of aviation devices, sub-systems and equipment.

  • Verification documents for aviation devices and equipment of aviation devices
  • Specifications for the equipment of aviation devices as part of the system definition
  • Compilation of qualification plans for the definition of the verification scope (aviation law as well as the performance-specific verification)
  • Qualification programmes for the definition of the verification to be provided by the tests
  • Processing of documents to conclude the provision of evidence, e.g. the "Declaration of design and performance" on stand-alone level"

Assystem performs safety analyses on equipment or sub-systems of aviation devices to verify their safety and reliability.

  • Compilation of a reliability prediction based on military and civilian reliability models such as MIL-STD-217 or TELCORDIA
  • Fault analysis with fault analysis methods such as FMEA, EMECA and fault tree analysis (FTA)

Assystem provides process analysis in addition to the analysis and description of (technical) systems and provides process descriptions in the context of quality and configuration management. Assystem handles the coordination of the process definitions and production standards within the framework of international projects based on the complex, standards structures of the project partners and supports the adjustments required by the customer.

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