Assystem designs primary and secondary structural components along the entire development process chain for traditional metal structures, composite fibre structures or hybrid structures.

The design and calculation department closely collaborate. This ensures that the results provided by calculation are immediately integrated into the subsequent project phases. The use of calculations makes it possible to modify developments immediately, clarify optimisation opportunities at an early stage and avoid problems from the beginning. Calculations can provide essential information, simplify processes and develop innovative solutions before the start of the process. This ensures significant quality, time and cost optimisations.

The industrial services division supports the development division, so that experience from production and repair/maintenance can be transferred to new developments.

Competence portfolio

  • Concept, development and detailed planning of primary and secondary structural assembly
  • Installation investigations
  • Compilation of parts lists and configuration information
  • Qualification and approval of aviation devices
  • Safety and reliability analyses
  • Compilation and processing of verification documents
  • Production support

Stress competence portfolio

The structural components are designed, dimensioned and optimised and the necessary verification is performed in close cooperation with the design department. Assystem has own facilities for R&D calculation and can therefore handle all steps of the process chain from R&D modelling and calculation to the evaluation. The verification management according to CS/FAR is handled with the verified calculation methods according to HSB and other standard literature and documented in stability reports for approval.

  • Linear and non-linear, static stability calculations
  • Dynamic calculations, frequency response and modular analysis
  • Aerodynamic and thermodynamic simulations
  • Verification according to CS/FAR
  • Calculation methods according to HSB
  • Stability reports for approval
  • Impact simulations for failure scenarios of aircraft components
  • Integration of the results into the optimisation of the components for maximum aircraft device safety


  • Nastran
  • Abaqus
  • Patran
  • HyperMesh

Structural development competence portfolio

Assystem engineers work in close collaboration with the customers to design structural test stations, define tests, perform tests evaluations and provide the appropriate test interpretations. The development of structural components and assemblies includes the following areas:

  • Fuselage (fuselage shells, floor structure)
  • Wing assembly (spar box, pylon, high-lift systems)
  • Tail unit
  • Aerodynamic panelling and supports

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