AUTOSAR Development & Integration in the Competence Center

Since 2004, the AUTOSAR Competence Centre has been implementing development and integration projects for AUTOSAR and embedded software for OEMs and Tier-1 companies. For optimum results, our AUTOSAR developers work closely with SW engineers as well as safety and security specialists from related competence centres. A comprehensive knowledge of the most common AUTOSAR toolchains and stacks and manufacturer neutrality provide our customers with considerable freedom regarding the selection of their supplier strategy. Through committee memberships, we are also actively involved in the AUTOSAR standardisation.

Where we make the difference

  • Since 2004, we have been successful realized development and integration projects in the AUTOSAR and embedded software area
  • Tight integration of experts in AUTOSAR, software and safety and security engineering
  • Expertise in standards due to long-standing membership of AUTOSAR (premium member since 2017), COMASSO and ARTOP
  • Development and integration of own AUTOSAR tools
  • Project experience with OEMs and TIER-1 companies and their development processes
  • Independence from AUTOSAR tool chain and basic software interests
  • Responsibility for complete tasks and development packages

Service overview

Hardware & basic software integration

  • SW integration on ECUs
  • Timing and configuration analysis

Configuration & CDD design

  • AUTOSAR stack configuration
  • Integration of third-party models
  • CDD development and integration
  • SWC design and architecture

Methods & tools

  • AUTOSAR standard development/maintenance
  • Process and workflow design
  • Tool certification
  • Chain-break analysis
  • Own tool development

Customer-specific solutions

  • Data analysis / data verification
  • Management of legacy date sources in AUTOSAR workflows
  • ARTOP-based solutions

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