Requirements Engineering & Validation

Efficient control of requirements, quality & costs

The variety of functions, versions and interfaces in E/E development makes high demands on correct specifications and processes that are harmonised between OEMs, specialised departments and suppliers. Our own competence centre for requirements engineering & validation offers comprehensive support. We have sites all over Germany and use this centres to bundle expertise for systematic optimisation and structuring of the requirements and the development and test processes according to Automotive SPICE. We offer comprehensive services - from process model to individual requirements, from knowledge transfer to operational implementation. We use proven methods and tools to improve the guidance and control of requirements, quality and costs of all specification-based developments and ensure that the products have a higher maturity level.

Service overview

  • Requirement management
    We guarantee that all required items will reach the recipients in time and at the required quality. We provide requirement and system engineers with suitable and efficient processes and tools.
  • Requirements engineering
    We compile requirements from the needs of the stakeholders. We do not only consider the common quality criteria but also choose the right ways of describing them. For example, we work with model-based approaches to gain efficiency advantages over conventional specifications.
  • Test management
    We ensure that the product to be tested fulfils the functional and qualitative requirements. Test case compilation and test performance are managed by using test concepts and scheduling. We provide efficient processes and usable tools for this purpose.
  • Test engineering
    Our test engineers guarantee optimal test coverage by systematic test case compilation, e.g. compliant with ISO26262. We also use our own products: MERAN or TESTONA

Where we make the difference

  • Requirement, test and process expertise
  • Improved efficiency due to comprehensible and accurate specifications
  • Validation of the project success due to testable and traceable requirements
  • Minimisation of business risks by avoiding services and changes not agreed
  • Own tools, e.g. MERAN for the integration of heterogeneous tools

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