Security Engineering & Consulting

Protection of vehicle electronics against manipulation & hacker attacks

Remote attacks on networked vehicles and wireless interfaces pose a threat to both information security and functional safety at the vehicle and system level. The use of professional security engineering is a key factor for developing secure vehicles and vehicle systems and the active implementation of risk prevention. In the development of the future generation of information and entertainment devices Assystem Germany takes over the conception, coordination and validation of the protection against attacks on customer data and vehicle electronics by hackers and computer criminals. Our Competence Centre for security engineering is at the centre of these efforts. Here we bundle long-standing automotive knowledge with current security expertise - from security requirements and safety analysis up to the implementation of secure hardware and software or wireless software updates after SOP.

Service overview

Security Engineering: Protection of intellectual property (IP), products & business models

  • Hazard and risk analysis: Analysis, identification and evaluation of threats and security-related products and goals
  • Security requirements engineering: Specification of security requirements for product lines
  • Security concepts: Conception of safe architecture and counter-measures
  • Security implementation: Standard implementation and technical monitoring of safety-critical software
  • Security test: Validation and verification of software and system against security goals, requirements and concepts
  • Security response: Support, maintenance and countermeasures for security-critical systems and software on site

Security Consulting: Optimisation of processes, methods & tools regarding security requirements

  • Trend and threat analysis: Safety reports and monitoring of current threats and security solutions
  • Security & Data privacy - process management: Senior security experts accompany and support security-related development processes
  • Security quality assessment: Software Quality and security experts evaluate specification, concepts, code and test cases as part of quality assessments for security-related projects
  • Test and radio networks: Testing of wireless interfaces and data traffic at vulnerable points with various test tools according to the requirements of automotive E/E development, e.g. MESSINA, MODICA, TESTONA

Where we make the difference

  • Security engineering in combination with long-standing automotive expertise
  • Experienced engineers and senior security experts
  • Custom-made solutions for engineering processes during the entire automotive security life cycle
  • Solutions for the automotive security life cycle
  • The competence centre supports and advises OEMs, suppliers and engineering service providers in the development of secure vehicle electronics

Download: Assystem Germany - Security Engineering - Broschure (PDF)

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