Test houses

End-to-End Testing of Electronic Systems

Assystem has expertise in the validation of vehicle control devices. Our test houses for system and component tests allow us to provide the right solution for outsourcing all test processes. We specify test cases, commission test systems and perform test campaigns, including reporting during development and series support. According to the test house model, we are also responsible for the procurement of the test devices required. We can either accept a full-service contract with full responsibility or provide focused support for a customer using specific test components.

Nearshore-Testing including fixed-price model

We have established a combination of local infrastructure with proven, European nearshoring components in our test houses to achieve high scalability of test resources at the best possible price. Consistent transparency of the test process and clearly defined metrics regarding the test quality are top priorities for us. We guarantee sustained, efficient and customer-specific test processes with our "pay-per-function" and "pay-per-system" fixed price model, permanently allocated contact persons as well as synchronisation with the development cycle of our customer.

Certified Tester

Long-standing cooperation with many OEMs has provided our teams qualified as Certified Testers (CTFL) with experience in various domains of automotive electronics. Depending on the equipment of the test house, we use standard tools "off the shelf" as well as products developed for a specific customer and our own test systems such as TESTONA, MODICA or MESSINA.

Service overview

  • Specification and procurement of test systems
  • Derivation of test cases from the system and component specifications
  • Compilation of test specifications
  • Implementation of automatable test case libraries
  • Implementation of simulation models
  • Closed-loop commissioning of controllers
  • Test planning and test performance according to a defined test strategy
  • Development-supported testing during the development and series support phase
  • Fault analysis
  • Reporting
  • Specific solutions, e.g. testing of electromagnetic compatibility

Where we make the difference

  • In conjunction with established near-shore components, our test houses offer flexibility and high-quality results at the best prices
  • Transparent "pay-per-function" or "pay-per-system" fixed price model
  • Test processes adapted to the operational structures of our customers
  • Full test responsibility in the project or on-site support for test modules
  • High quality level of the operating team due to Certified Tester certification
  • Long-standing test experience regarding electronics/electrics, power train, high-voltage components, interior and chassis systems, infotainment and connectivity (multimedia, wireless E2E testing, audio and acoustics)
  • Member of the Wi-Fi Alliance & Bluetooth SIG for highest infotainment competence
  • High safety standards for access control and data protection

Download: Assystem Germany - Automotive Testlösungen - Broschüre (PDF)

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