Software Quality

Assessment & improvement of software quality of automotive systems

Assystem Germany is a leading supplier for the evaluation and improvement of software products in the automotive sector. We support OEMs, Tier-1 companies and suppliers in successfully controlling and minimising errors, change efforts and risks of software development at an early stage of the project. We analyse test processes, software development processes and software quality assurance processes for this purpose, offer solid code quality management for software analysis and perform extensive operational quality assurance regarding model- and software-based systems as required. The software quality competence centre bundles all technical software quality assurance activities. Our software engineers offer a comprehensive portfolio of statistical analysis methods and powerful tool suites. We also develop our own tools, which are used for the optimisation of analysis processes.

Where we make the difference

  • Experience from more than 400 software quality assessments
  • Efficient guarantee of quality assurance according to the state of the technology and beyond it
  • Cost savings due to minimisation of faults and risks
  • Control of product quality during the early project phases
  • Comparable quality statements due to a systematic approach
  • Reduction of the model review effort by (semi-) automatic architecture/design analysis

Service overview

Code Quality Management

• Evaluation and increase of the model and software quality of systems
• Securing of systems by analyses for fault discovery
• Making software quality development visible
• Risks and effort analysis of changes
• Tasks forces for revealing the causes of faults

Process analysis

• Evaluation and improvement of software development and quality assurance processes
• Implementation of SPICE assessments

Test analysis

Evaluation of test processes, quality and completeness

Operative QA

• Project-supporting performance of all quality assurance measures

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