Mechanical engineering: From the idea, simulation & prototype to series support

Assystem Germany provides engineering, test and consulting support in the mechanical and mechatronics disciplines. We offer system comprehension beyond the product detail and successfully implement projects from the idea and prototype to series support. We focus on the development and optimisation of components for lighting, body, interior, motor and motor periphery. We combine our extensive experience in vehicle quality with numerical simulation and physical test methods, for example to prevent and eliminate unwanted noises (squeak & rattle) in the vehicle.

Where we make the difference

  • Development and consulting for mechanical and mechatronics specialist disciplines, e.g. calculation and design of components, prevention of acoustic noises, analysis (component benchmark, dynamics, structure), joining technology, fixture construction, etc.
  • Our system understanding goes beyond the product and facilitates integrated processing - from the idea to a usable prototype from a single source
  • Vehicle hall with lifting platform and separate functional spaces, construction of prototypes, vehicle modifications, installation of measuring devices, etc.
  • Global expert network of the Assystem Group

Modules, body, motor & motor periphery

  • Concept, design and construction of components – up to the series-ready system package
  • Building space investigations
  • Prototype construction and integration into vehicles
  • Project management incl. data administration, control release process and change management
  • Use of OEM tools

Lighting systems

  • All services up to product development – starting with the first design drawing to production in small series
  • Engineering and project management
  • Prototyping
  • Design/CAS modelling

Benchmark analyses of components & systems

  • Procurement of vehicles and components
  • Selection and procurement of measuring systems for comparison drives
  • Benchmark analysis in Assystem workshop

Dynamics analysis & simulation

  • Vibration stress, fatigue strength
  • Simulation of shaker tests (vibration profiles)

Linear & non-linear structural analysis

  • Strength
  • Kinematics
  • Assembly simulations

Mechanical test benches

  • "Custom-made" test devices according to customer requirements, e.g. for motor components, sensors
  • Design, layout and construction of the test benches
  • Operation of test benches

Noise simulation / acoustic engineering

  • Squeak & rattle / noise, vibration, harshness (NVH)
  • Analysis of unusual sounds (cause, boundary conditions) in the vehicle
  • Derivation of optimisation measures
  • Redesign of critical components
  • Software solutions used (Abaqus, Nastran, Edware,…)
  • 1D / 3D acoustic measurements
  • Training & consulting

Thermal analyses

  • Thermomechanics (thermal tensions)
  • Heating up / cooling down / heat reduction
  • Flow simulation

Fixture construction

  • Construction, production and assembly of production and assembly devices, e.g. press-in devices

Joining technology

  • Screw connections: Standardisation, optimisation, layout, calculation, evaluation and verification according to VDI2230
  • Application of national and international standards for safety-critical screw connections in Category A according to VDI 2862 considering OEM-specific standards
  • Focused design improvement of mechanical connection / connection elements.

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