DIN SPEC 92222

Standardized communication for IT-platforms in Industry 4.0

A pioneering standard for data-driven business models and innovative services is being developed! And you can participate!

Industry 4.0 is a dynamic environment in which new applications such as data-driven business models and innovative service concepts are implemented. In addition, there are constantly new challenges with regard to the technologies, protocols or suitable procedures that must be used. Currently, there are already a large number of different IT-platforms available to implement such applications (in whole or in part).

However, many of them are more or less closed systems - a decision often needs to be made exclusively for a platform. This is an essential issue in terms of investment security. Often heterogeneity and the need for interoperability are challenging: data and functions of machines from different manufacturers must be integrated; Information may be passed on to other IT-systems in order to exploit new third-party remote services that may be critical to future business success.

Assystem recognized this challenge together with customers and partners and initiated the development of a new DIN SPEC for a "Reference Model for the Industrial Cloud".

The ambitious goal: to standardize interoperability and communication between participating IT-subsystems and physical devices while minimizing the number of technologies, standards and standards to be deployed.

This involves the communication of machines (or so-called edge components) in the cloud of the manufacturing company as well as cross-company to other cloud systems. Only specific applications from the area of ​​Industry 4.0 - i.e. manufacturing, production, mechanical and plant engineering - are focused and suitable solution patterns are defined.

Such standardization gaps can hardly be addressed with classical standardization, as it often takes a long time for a corresponding standard and its contents to be accessible to the general public. Standardization needs to face this new challenge in the context of Industry 4.0. For this reason, Assystem initiates a new, practical, collaborative and agile approach to standardization: the development of a DIN SPEC, which is developed in accordance with the PAS procedure through workshops (temporary committees).

The cooperation is open and every interested party is invited to join us in shaping the industrial future.

Do you have concrete use cases, which should be considered? Are you facing technical hurdles in implementing data-driven business models? Are you also interested in shaping the industrial future together with us?

Further information on the planned DIN SPEC 92222 - "Reference Model for the Industrial Cloud Federation" can be found here, can be found in the attached document or contact us via the e-mail address info.industry@assystem.com


Information about DIN SPEC 92222

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