From embedded to mobile device - Assystem is the right development partner

In an agile process, we take care of the architecture, the existing or necessary hardware concepts, the selection of the optimal platform or the best frameworks.
We find the right solution, no matter what technical constraints (e.g., already existing hardware, efficiency and performance of the hardware, power requirements) and other environmental influences (e.g., heat, moisture, shock and dirt, use with gloves) are given.

We implement the concepts reliably, test by simulation or on the machine or system and ensure the overall quality of the solution.

Assystem supports in choosing the right technology and platform

In both embedded and mobile surroundings, there are a large number of platforms, frameworks and technologies from which to choose the most suitable and future-oriented one.

Thanks to the vast experience in the area of the user interfaces, Assystem is able to make this selection together with you.



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