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Industry 4.0, M2M, internet of things, smart factory, smart building or precision farming – the public discussion shows: Product requirements change and the established market structures and competitive hierarchies are being transformed.

The technological basis of these fundamental change is networking. Previously insulated systems, machines, plants, devices and vehicles interact, forward the data they generate, process the data of other systems and can be operated in completely new ways.

The development of networked system solutions and products makes your company significantly more competitive!

  1. Additional functionality, improved performance and higher operating comfort distinguish your products and solutions from those of competitors.
  2. You can create new business models by monitoring the products already in use and at the same time increase the quality and efficiency of your service offers.
  3. You make the use and operation of your products more efficient and open them up for control through the internet or mobile applications.

Does the next generation of your products provide answers to these questions?

  • How do you make it possible that individual machines and processes autonomously coordinate each other?
  • How can you quickly integrate individual machines into the process to produce flexibly?
  • How do you secure your systems against unauthorised access and sabotage?
  • Do you provide data and control through mobile end devices?

We want you to succeed reliably and sustainably in this reorientation process.

We are ready to be a strong solution partner at your side!


Assystem - Your partner for Industry 4.0

Learn more about our services and skills in the Industry 4.0 field and how we can help you gain competitive advantages! From smart data to human-machine interface and security features. We are your partner for the challenges of digitisation.

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