Safety Engineering - with a new meaning

Operating safety has always been part of your product development. However, networking and extended functionality give safety engineering a new quality.

What does the use of mobile devices imply for the safety architecture?

How is functional safety guaranteed when the machines interact?

Networking may imply that safety functions in your system depend on data that are provided by an external system. The stability and reliability of this communication function has a decisive impact on the safety of your system.

Assystem performs safety analyses for you according to the most modern methods for the design of your system. Hazard and risk analyses, fault tree analyses, FMEA. The measures to ensure functional safety are determined at the early stages of the development process. They are already part of the first stage of the system and software architecture.

We implement safety-critical functions according to appropriate standards such as IEC61508, ISO13849 and EN50128. You benefit when our experts introduce best practises from the machinery, transportation, automotive or other sectors to your development.

Your advantages

  • Securing the approval with documented, standard-compliant, development processes
  • Implementation of standards in all phases of the development of safety-critical systems
  • Efficient verification and validation by use of model-based methods, tool-based traceability and test automation

Our services

  • Functional safety analysis (FMEA, FTA) and impact analyses
  • Standard-compliant implementation of projects according to IEC 61508 and ISO 13849-1
  • Gap analyses for products and components regarding the fulfilment of safety requirements and standards
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Code quality assessment, code quality management

Erfahren Sie noch mehr in unserem Safety Datenblatt.

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