Security engineering - because openness needs protection

Opening machines for remote maintenance and data exchange, HMI apps and machine interaction increases the risks of unauthorised access and data leaks. At the same time, the exposure to sabotage increases. Our experts ensure that IT and OT security are considered from the start of the development process.

We contribute our expertise in all phases of the system / SW development process from design to implementation and integration test. This is partially done with safety concepts and measures according to the IEC 62443 standard.

We first perform a threat analysis. Focused security measures are based on the threat Scenarios and target security levels. It is important to classify the system and software architecture with regard to the hazard potential or the importance of protecting various modules - not everything requires the same protection effort. In the implementation process, we work according to the following guidelines and Standards

  • IEC / ISA 62443
  • NIST SP 800-3x
  • ISO 15408 Common Criteria
  • BSI standard

and have partnerships with leading IT security companies.

Trust us as a competent partner around the topic security!

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