Smart Data
Data Analytics

From data to added value

The amount of data produced in the world is exponentially increasing and is bound to keep growing at a high rate. In this data-driven era, customers require advanced technologies to process, analyse and finally understand their own data and to gain competitive advantages in their markets.

Frequently asked questions in production

  • When does the machine need to be maintained again to provide optimal performance?
  • How do process parameters have to be adapted to the current environmental conditions?
  • Will production run during the night or will there be a foreseeable fault?
  • Which parts need to be reworked to fulfil the requirements?

The answers are in the production data!

We professionally analyse data and offer our customers an efficient way to decode the knowledge contained in the data and turn it into business success. We develop a practical approach based on the analysis results. We know the possibilities of the Cloud as well as the solution approaches for on-site implementation. We will provide an individual solution for your needs, based on suitable software libraries.

Do you prefer to analyse the data yourself or do you need somebody to handle the technical implementation? For this model, too, we offer professional support for your success.

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