Systems Engineering

We provide support in the development of safety-critical and non-safety-critical systems for rail vehicles as well as for control and signalling technology. Our expert teams comprise specialists for systems engineering, the relevant regulations and standards (CENELEC, TSIs, EMV…) and rail technology systems.

Our practical experience in vehicles covers all important sub-systems such as doors, air-conditioning, train control, train protection, traction, brakes, support and auxiliary drives, passenger information systems, energy supply, vehicle diagnosis and the driver's cab.

Our control and signalling experts deal with relay interlocking systems, ESTWs, train protection systems (ETCS L1/ L1LS/ L2, LZB…), operator places and field elements (signals, switches, axle counters...).

Our service portfolio also includes:

  • Systematic procedure for the development of complex rail systems by stepwise breakdown
  • Compilation of requirement and product specifications
  • Design and specification of system architectures and interfaces of rail systems
  • Use of UML/SysML for specification
  • Modularisation and standardisation of system architectures

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