MERAN DXL – Specification of systems with many variants

Application area

MERAN DXL for DOORS is a tool for efficiently mastering the development of systems with many variants at an early stage of specification and analysis. MERAN DXL offers powerful concepts and a high level of automation to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create specifications for complete product families using IBM Rational DOORS. The vast variety of functional configuration possibilities combined with the growing variety of products present a challenge to the automotive industry in a technical way and in terms of planning. Tight delivery schedules and high quality standards result in ongoing pressure on both time and cost. MERAN DXL can be used in new and existing projects to manage specification variants, to revise and restructure requirements books, to improve traceability and to manage and perform changes with significantly less effort in time and cost. The defined goals can be reached sooner and more cost-efficiently.

Functions at a glance

  • Add-on for IBM Rational DOORS
  • Development, installation and operation of requirements and test management systems
  • Creation and analysis of specifications
  • Training and coaching of analysis and specification techniques

Benefits of MERAN DXL

  • Cost optimization through reduction of analysis and specification errors
  • Reduced efforts through a high degree of reusability
  • Fewer errors through a direct focus on key contents
  • Cost reduction through a high level of automation
  • Sustainable improvement of the development process
  • Easier and more efficient working with DOORS

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