TESTONA - Test design with the classification tree method

Application Area

TESTONA is THE leading tool for systematic test design according to the classification tree method. It enables the user to generate complete and comprehensible test specifications easily, and avoids redundant test cases. 

Functions as the automated test case generation, coherent requirements-tracing or linking to numerous development and testing tools make TESTONA one of the leading products for professional quality assurance. Also in the development of safety-critical systems, quality criteria can be measured and tracked.  

TESTONA can be used in all test phases and is independent of industry or domain. Numerous users from the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace sector as well as financial service or telecommunication providers and IT companies rely on this sophisticated methodology. Also international test standards such as ISTQB Certified Tester and ISO 29119 recommend the classification tree method.

Now testing TESTONA free of charge!
With the TESTONA trial version, you´re able to test all functions of the full edition. For non-commercial use we provide also TESTONA Light with reduced functionality.

Download the current version: 5.3.0.
You can dowload the current TESTONA version here (with customer-login).

For questions concerning the ordering, you can contact our support team.


  • Based on the proven classification tree method
  • Universally and domain-independently – also in safety relevant surroundings according to ISO 15504 (SPICE) and ISO 26262
  • Clearly defined, complete test specification
  • Cost reduction by means of automated test case generation and redundancy-free tests
  • Reduced testing effort due to coherent use in all test phases
  • Measureable assessment of test coverage
  • Systematic determination of the test depth and scope
  • Easy achievement of the quality and test standards required
  • Easy tool coupling and open interfaces
  • Comprehensive support for requirements tracing
  • Easy to learn

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