TESTONA - Test design with the classification tree method

Application area

TESTONA is the leading tool for systematic test design according to the classification tree method and offers the tester a systematic approach for generating relevant test scenarios and scopes. This test method is generally applicable and independent of the sector, domain or test phase. Different test standards such as the ISTQB Certified Tester recommend exactly this test method.

TESTONA makes it possible to generate complete, comprehensive test specifications simpler and faster and to avoid redundant test cases. Test specifications and test cases can be automatically generated and can be conveniently linked with the requirements as required. The user can apply statistics for optimal planning and control of the test scope and focus. Resources regarding budget and staff are more efficiently used - high test coverage can be implemented in a focused manner.

TESTONA offers powerful interfaces for convenient requirement and test management as well as links to standard tools. Test standards such as the ISTQB Certified Tester recommend this test method.

TESTONA provides all testers and developers with a flexible tool concept for systematic test design, offering four versions and individual maintenance packets.

Benefits of TESTONA

  • Based on the proven classification tree method
  • Sector-independent use
  • Clear, systematic test specifications
  • Cost reduction due to automated test case generation
  • Reduced test effort due to standardised use in all test phases
  • Measurable evaluation of the test coverage
  • Accurate determination of the test depth and scope
  • Easy achievement of the quality and test standards required
  • Connection to common tools for development and test processes
  • Comprehensive support for requirements tracing
  • Lower work effort

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