ISSRE 2017 - 28th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering

23.10.2017 - 24.10.2017 - Toulouse, France

    2017 ist Assystem mit Paper und Vortrag auf der ISSRE vertreten.

    Thema: GUI-Profiling for Performance and Coverage AnalysisAbstract: Existing software analysis methods for performance and coverage analysis are typically tied to the source code of software applications. In this work, we extend theses methods to the Graphical User Interfaces of modern applications, motivated by the desire to bring the user perspective into focus of software quality assurance and testing at the GUI level. We present and discuss various profiling procedures, their advantages and disadvantages, the arising challenges and the identified solutions. The identification and classification of the GUI components recorded during the monitoring process posed particular problems. The monitoring and collection of data could be well implemented, while detailed improvements in the evaluation of results are still necessary.

    Autoren: Nico Beierle, Peter M. Kruse und Tanja E. J. Vos

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